Happy New Year!

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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you choose to personally adhere to! Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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Is President Obama a dunce?

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Can someone enlighten me why a constitutional scholar seems to think that the presidency/Executive Branch doesn’t have to follow laws currently on the books? Immigration/ Obamacare by letting his political cronies opt out of the law/ IRS targeting of political enemies… A genius he is not…. More like Tricky Dick Nixon…

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According to Slashdot the Raspberry Pi, the small $35 ARM-based computer system capable of running Linux has removed its order limit which was one unit per order. Full story can be found at the following link: Slashdot Raspberry Pi story

Below is a pic of mine I just got. Currently doing some testing. I’m using a Linux Debian flavor (Squeeze) and I’ll probably end up putting twonky media server on it and use my dream plug solely as my web server. Still not a bad product for only $35. I still need to get a case for it. Currently I have it in an old iPhone case and it fits perfectly.

20120719 231006 Raspberry Pi Order Limit Removed

20120719 231016 Raspberry Pi Order Limit Removed

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RaspberryPi Update!

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So I finally got to order my RasberryPi today look for a write up in about 6 weeks. Not to shabby piece of hardware for only $35.

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Elder Scrolls Online

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So I hear they’re finally going to make Elder Scroll games into an MMORPG… About time.

I’m curious to how the PvP system will be among other things. I know having a game with wide open PvP such as Shadowbane is probably something beyond imagining nowadays with WoW kiddies running around but we can hope. Stay tuned for more feedback as more information comes out about this game.

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I was pretty excited to hear about Raspberry Pi being released. My eventual plan is to replace consoles using them to hook up my media server to the TV. As soon as I finally get through the ordering queue I plan on giving a write up on the process to hook them up to the TV etc.

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Dreamplugs are generally inexpensive small computers that use an ARM processor similar to your smart cell phone and about the same size as one too. They cost $159 + tax and shipping. What you spend buying the device will actually save you in the long run because it uses far less power than an old PC that you turned into a media server. You can purchase one at the following site:

Not only does it have a few options as far as the kind of hard drives you can attach ie USB hard drives but you also have an eSATA port as well. I prefer to use my Home Openfiler NAS box myself so I’m going to go through the process of setting up open-iscsi as well in this tutorial. A Dreamplug also has its own wireless network option as well so you can connect to that instead of hooking it up to your own wired/wireless network. Or you can hook it up and use it as a wireless AP for your network as well. I also recommend you getting a JTAG also found on the above site in-case you have to do any kind of trouble shooting.

The Dreamplug comes with a preloaded Debian Lenny Linux flavor. It uses a 4Gb mini-SDHC card embedded in the plug and whether or not you want to you can replace it with something bigger that’s up to you. You will void your warranty but since the warranty is only 90 days that’s pretty much up to you. It also has 512Mb RAM as well.

Anyways after you get the plug here’s what you do to be able to use open-iscsi. I had to put a new install of debian on the internal SD and its similar to what you will find in the downloads section from switching to ubuntu to debian on official website found here:

Download the rootfs files named: and

Basically instead of using the uImage found there though you will want to download a couple files from the following site:

You want to download dream-, sheeva-, sheeva-,

Now use the following document to put these files on the internal mini sd card:

Make sure to put the headers and the modules from the sheeva- and sheeva- into the /lib/modules directory. and tar xf sheeva- etc so they ended up in the correct directories. They should have been dumped into /lib/modules/ and /usr/ You need to check /lib/modules/ to make sure the following modules are in place : scsi_transport_iscsi.ko libiscsi_tcp.ko iscsi_tcp.ko are there.
Once that’s done make sure you do the following: depmod -a

Once its back up and running do the following:

Follow the following link to set connect and set up your Dreamplug:

Ok now to get open-iscsi running:
Go to the following both work I found the first one easier to read but use apt-get portion for Debian. Don’t sudo as of yet because you don’t need to.

Now to get twonkymedia server up and running. You can find all the steps at the following link. It works great as I’ve already tested it of course! Most people hate buying software when there are free options that said Twonky is one of the most popular and the license only costs around $15 bucks. Plus you get an evaluation period to try it out.

I know this all sounds pretty overwhelming but actually its not all that hard once you actually do it.
Eventually I plan to make this process a little bit easier on people but I digress. The above is also a reason to get the JTAG in case you have to do some troubleshooting when networking is down. Another option is just open up the case and get the mini-SD card out and use the above on the actual card so you don’t have to get a JTAG or do the extra work but again it will void your warranty on the device.

I also want to give the people at a shout out for the help they provided me as well.

Hope this is helpful please feel free to comment below with any questions.

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Recently I’ve been working on a handful of at home projects and plan on doing a full write up on all of them but today I want to discuss my latest project I just completed. A home server closet! The following photos illustrate what I actually installed.

20111201 092308 Setting up a home server closet

20111201 092326 Setting up a home server closet

20111201 092355 Setting up a home server closet

20111201 092403 Setting up a home server closet

20111201 092411 Setting up a home server closet

20111201 092418 Setting up a home server closet
Basically with a $150 I bought a low power quiet bathroom exhaust fan, 25 ft of electrical cable, 3 electrical cabling boxes, 1 power outlet, 1 cable outlet, an attic fan thermostat so the fan only turns on when needed. After reading all the documentation I tripped the breaker and installed the various equipment cut the holes in the drywall etc. After about 4 hours everything was up and running like a charm. My loving spouse no longer hears the humming of fans from my equipment and I don’t have to worry about my equipment overheating. A couple quick notes make sure you vacuum up all the drywall dust and give it a day to settle before moving in your equipment. Drywall dust plays havoc on your system’s fans. Another thing when wiring your power make sure you are wiring it up to code.

This was a fun little project please feel free to shoot me any questions you my have.

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I got a Dreamplug in the mail yesterday! I have been doing some initial testing and will do a full write up later on.

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Hello World!

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Sorry I’ve been unable to update the site lately. If anyone has any special projects for IT home use and have some questions I’ll post up some Q&A after I’ve done some testing on it. Lately I’ve been doing alot of VMware ESXi and VMware View at work and home and working on an article about it. Really the whole purpose of this site is to help people do home IT projects that are beneficial to there lives so if you have any ideas let me know!

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